King Tutankhamen

A century after the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings of Egypt, archaeologists are continuing to unearth more artifacts and controversies of this mysterious youthful…


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Destructuring Objects and Arrays in JavaScript

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Javascript is a language that is used for all sorts of things. And each year, new features come to the popular language. Some are very niche, and some, could be very useful during regular programming, even if you don’t notice its use right away.

The destructuring syntax makes it easy to unpack values from arrays or object to assign them to a variable. A lot of React developers use it often when working with props. It allows them to just have the property names instead of having to prefix them with props every time.

You can also unpack items in an array in the same way, which is also used by React developers when working with states.

I will show a few examples of the code first. Destructuring arrays is done using square brackets, while destructuring objects is done using regular brackets. You can use the syntax almost anywhere, including function calls.

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