Classic Pivot Point Strategy

More and more often I stumble on the Internet on the popular strategy of “pivot point” from the site investing. I do not know why this strategy is so popular, but since it does, I decided to try to…


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HPB is a new blockchain plateform, that is very easy to use. High Performance
Blockchain is aiming to extend the performance of distributed applications to
meet real top world business requirements.

It is becoming very strong because of its very professional and active team, who works hard and shaking hands with serious business organization as one of their annoucement is:

HPB has received strategic investment of over twenty thousand ETH led by OK Capital, followed by BlockWater Capital, Bixin, 8BTC, Krypital Capital, Xinghe Capital, Jitan Capital, Supernode Capital, Continue Capital, Bitcoin World, Jike Xueyuan, Pchain, Block Origin and Guanghe Fund. At this round of strategic investment, HPB Foundation has carefully selected organizations that will help grow and build the HPB ecosystem and community.

It is just amazing for HPB.

It has also some big parnerships who will make HPB more strong.

Partners: UnionPay , Banion Network , CPchain

Majorly it is available on : Kucoin, Bit-Z, Bibox and now recently listed on OKex.

Its supply is also Low that attractive figures, And i think it is most undervalue for the time being and should be best opportunity to grab it now.

Node plane is ready and Main net will be at the end of August.

Further Roadmap is here:


Q1 2017

HPB project is officially launched

Setting up the core research team and

establishing the system’s architecture

Q3 2017

Angel investments join HPB

NEO, Bixin and other partners with the first

third-party blockchain to support NeoVM

Q2 2018

HPB plans to launch MainNet

The main net is launched and active deeper

collaborations within the industries

Q1 2018

HPB TestNet is launched (V1.0)

HPB will become open source and the community

will be able to test the network

Q4 2018

Launching industry implementationsolution plan

We will collaborate with industry leaders on exploring

and developing the platform to test the value of HPB

within actual businesses


HPB final version goes online

HPB will launch the official version.

We will strive to be a leader in the

high performance blockchain platform

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