Dismay in Dundee

Our Second trip of the module involved a visit to the brand new V&A Museum located on the banks of the river Tay in Dundee. This spectacular piece of architecture had been praised heavily as had its…


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Fixing Stuff around yourself

Understanding Everyday Leadership

Leadership is a technique in which you lead the people towards the positive change. I think that we should apply the principle of leadership on ourselves first only then we’ll be able to guide people. As people like to follow those who implement the valuable advices that they give others on themselves first.

So here I am sitting at a dining room table writing this blog and staring at the mess in front of me. Here it is;


Here you can see that all the things are messy and scattered all over the table. So the things that need to be fixed are actually, there are a number of things, for example tissue box, charger, glasses, chips, cables, papers (far left).

Let’s do it!

Now, you can see that I have finally fixed the things that need to be fixed like I placed the tissue box on right place, I put the glasses and the charger in their places (which is not the table obviously), I arranged the papers in a pile of papers and I am all done.

After fixing all the stuff, my surroundings felt much cleaner and I have a sense of satisfaction that I have cleaned the mess. I would have done this task after completing my work. By doing this task, I found out that if we can manage our own surroundings well and have a control on that, then we can be a better leader and this leader do not require any authority or power in the house. I can contribute little to fix things that is good for not only me but for someone else also. This also shows that in order to become a leader, you don’t have to wait for a specific moment, you can become a leader on daily basis by doing little things.


We can become a leader without having any authority and by doing little things to make the positive change in the life.

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