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King Tutankhamen

“Mysterious Boy Of Power”

November 25, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

A century after the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings of Egypt, archaeologists are continuing to unearth more artifacts and controversies of this mysterious youthful King of power and wonder, who suffered in different magnitudes.

At the precious age of nine, King Tutankhamun was a pharaoh during ancient Egypt’s New Kingdom era of the 1300s and ruled for only ten years before dying at the tender teenage year of 19 around 1324 B.C.

Some scientists suspected foul play of his death while others speculated his death was an accident. However, with digital imaging and DNA testing, researchers suggest King Tutankhamun was likely to have died from the combined effects of malaria, an infection or a broken leg.

Burgeoning short-lived King Tutankhamen, known as Egypt’s boy pharaoh, probably spent much of his lifespan in pain before dying at the adored cycle of only 19 years old. Scans have revealed he had a debilitating club foot that prevented him from walking unaided.

Traditional inbreeding in the Egyptian royal family highly contributed to the King’s youthful poor health and early death. DNA tests published in 2010 identified King Tutankhamun’s parents were brother and sister, and that King Tutankhamen’s wife, Ankhesenamun, was also his paternal half-sister.

Behind the mask of the famous King Tutankhamen reflects drama of his life and childlike face, who endured sadness of two stillborn daughters with congenital abnormalities whom both had probably inherited from the young King.

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