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NFT important to the music industry?

By M.Gen

Lyric from “We Are The Champions” — Queen:

Music NFTs are allowing musician and artistes to create new possibilities and experiences with their fans. Musicians are continuing to be creative with what they offer to their fan bases.

Song “Rang Ni Zou” by Leon HO

As the situation with NFTs develops, it could completely rock the music industry like how the mp3/ internet did.

NFTs are fuelling a revolution in the world of music, with an increasing number of artistes wanting to get a slice of the action.

Creating a music NFT is a lucrative business decision.

Song “Your Uber” by Vessy Mink

It is clear there is strong initial demand, however the reselling market is still emerging. This will be a key element to determine whether it is worth buying from an investor’s perspective.

More and more musicians are selling NFTs as an alternative source of income and these are ranging in the types of media used.

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